U Aung Thu Min

U Aung Thu Min, Vice Chairman, Saemaul Undong Committee
Village Leader, Butar Village, Chaung Oo township, Sagain Region

Register No. – 11, Basic Saemaul Undong Training (Session (3/2017), 27.12.17 – 1.12.2017

I thought in advance before attending the training that I would study what and gain which knowledge. When I attend the training, all of the trainers are qualified and can teach very well without any flaws. I myself can effectively study all lessons with enthusiasm.

An agricultural trainer knows completely agriculture and an animal husbandry trainer’s teaching is very good and I gain much knowledge for my village. When I return to my home, I will explain the knowledge to my villagers and share the technology with them without keeping in my mind for self-interest.

AERDTC is an unforgettable place for all of us. The lectures the trainers give with good standards are remarkable and instructive.

I think that morning physical exercises are healthy and make us cheerful. Food and meal is absolutely complete for us without any need. For accommodation, I sleep with map, net and blanket and so it is not wrong to say that sleeping on comfortable bed of AERDTC is my very first experience in my life.

I am very glad to see that the instructor and the driver come to pick up warmly at the bus station. I had a feeling of joy and pride at the first time when I arrive at AERDTC. Letter to myself is very good to give us a chance to tell our ability. I find AERDTC operate systematically the training by assigning the trainees as leaders and give leading duty to each two trainees (male and female) every day.

When I returned to my village, I organize a meeting and explain and share the knowledge and technology gained from the training to the villagers.