Daw Shwe Yi Lu

Daw Shwe Yi Lu, Village Leader, Pone Inn village, Kalaw Township

Register No. – 13, Basic Saemaul Undong Training (Session (3/2017), 27.12.17 – 1.12.2017


The plan of training program is very good and it is precious to us because the training is systematically and completely operated without the flaws. There is no training activity of the training which is not necessary to us. Morning meditation makes all of us organize our circulative mind and active all the day to learn the lessons.

Regarding the meal we have every day, we usually have the meal without systematic manner in the previous time. I have made up my mind that I, when arrive home, change my systematic eating style because I have seen the systematic eating style and method in the training.

I didn’t stay at home systematically. Regarding staying in dormitory, I have known how to stay systematically in dormitory and so I have decided that I change my living style at home.

Without choosing the old or the young, the bad or the good and the higher person or the lower person, I am very happy with all my heart for the responsible instructors to pick all of the trainees up at the bus station. When I arrive at the training center, I have thought if I am worth attending the training.

I have gained the concepts from playing the cooperative games in which a person is clever, intelligent and good but can succeed only if the cooperation is practiced. I have had a wish to attend Basic Saemaul Undong Training for a long time, and now I am very happy to attend it.