Daw Htike Htike San

Daw Htike Htike San, Deputy Assistant Staff Officer, Department of Agriculture

Pyinmana Township, Ngakaungkan Village Supervisor

Katha – 49, Basic Saemaul Undong Training (3/2017), 27-11-2017 – 17-12-17

The subjects of the training support my job and my life very much. Besides for the SMU activities and for my home, they are very useful. The practices the Korean people save a spoon of rice, which Dr. Kyaw Wai Naing taught in the training, is very precious, and I am willing to practice it in my home.

I thought I would be very tired from the morning exercises, learning until group discussion. I actually find myself that I can happily learn the lessons. The meals I eat every day are much better than my home meals. For accommodation, it is very comfortable without telling weak point.

For transportation, planning to pick up and send the village leaders, field trip by bus in group and caring the trainees in the bus are very good. I must say many thanks for caring of us.

AERDTC really surprised me when I arrived at the center. I have attended many agricultural trainings. AERDTC is very fabulous and it stands grandly. I show AERDTC to my friends and family by calling them by facebook video call. My friends tell me they want to attend the training.

Morning meditation is very good. Doing it first in a day makes us study the lessons peacefully and quietly without other things entering the mind.

I will teach the farmers the technologies gained from the training.  Because I saw the other villages’ successes, I will do for my supervised village to become successful in doing the village development plan like other successful villages. I will motivate and organize the villagers by telling that other villages have succeeded.