Saemaul Undong Training for Public (No. 2/2017)

The Saemaul Undong Training for Public is held on 22th December 2017. The 92 villagers from the SMU pilot villages attend the training.
The activities of the training program are:
1. Opening Ceremony
2. Activity of Saemaul Undong project in Myanmar
3. Video Presentation (1) History of Success of SMU project in Korea and (2) Myanmar SMU project
4. Success cases of capacity building and living environment subprojects
5. SMU training video, Introduction of AERDTC and AERDTC facilities tour
6. Activity of project villages by two trainees
7. Our village development and Saemaul Undong Experiences
8. Documentary video (Chung Mon Ja-Korea)
9. Village fund raising for sustainable development
10. Success cases of income generation subprojects
11. Question and answers
12. Evaluation
13. Closing Ceremony and Trainees departure

Opening training by singing National anthem

Explanation of Having meal at dining hall

Explanation of success cases

Explanation of AERDTC

Explanation of success cases

Group photo of trainees and instructors