Saemaul Undong Basic Program (3/2017)

The opening ceremony of the Saemaul Undong Basic Program (3/2017), the first training launched in AERDTC, is held on 27th November, 2017. First of all, all of the guests and the officials from Department of Agricultural are introduced to the trainees after opening the occasion. In this occasion, the principal of AERDTC, Chung Kap Jin gives an introductory address and then Dr. Yee Tint Tun, Director General of Department of Agriculture delivers an opening remark. All of the seven instructors of AERDTC are introduced to the audience and their duty assigned on the group discussion, which is the important core part of the training. The opening ceremony is successfully conducted followed by taking the group photo together.
The training is operated until 1st December, 2017 with valuable lectures and unforgettable programs. The seventy nine trainees are participated in the training, and among them, the staffs from Department of Agriculture are 12 persons and other sixty seven are the villagers from the nine regions and states.

Lecture by U Aye Ko Ko

Lecture by Dr. Kim Don In

Cooperative Games

Field Trip To Kanthar, Laeway Township

Field Trip to Thaw Mhaw Kone, Laeway Township

Group Discussion