Follow Up


  • To motivate SMU spirits and decisions made by the trainees in training programs
  • To monitor and follow-up the project implementation activities of the villages
  • To look for the remarkable accomplishments of SMU villages and to share these ones to other trainees.
  • To find out the effectiveness of the subjects delivered and additional subjects they would like to learn
  • To evaluate the impacts of training programs on project implementation

Ways of Survey Data Collection

There are two survey questions format for former trainees.

Survey question (1) is based on (a) effectiveness of training program, (b) development condition of the village according to the implementation of the project (c) interest and participation of the villagers (d) unity of SMUC members and (e) additional subjects the trainees would like to learn further.

Survey question (2) is about the effectiveness of the subjects the trainees learnt in practical project implementation. More, the status of change of trainees’ attitudes and impact of SMU on families and the villagers are evaluated in question (2). Lastly, trainees are encouraged to write freely about one or more successes of SMU project in the village that will always be a milestone in his or her life.