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General Meeting
  • General meeting is held systematically in Sulaekone Village, Chaung Oo Township, Sagaing Region.
  • The attendees sit systematically and most of the villagers also attend the meeting.
  • The villagers’ behaviour has changed better.
General mass meeting
  • General mass meeting is held systematically and a lot of villagers attend at Dawei Inn village, Bago township, Bago Region.
  • SMUC meeting is held at Kwin Yar Gyi village, Kangyidauk township, Ayeyarwady region.
Public education on dental care
  • Public education on dental care is held at Kutoekone village, Myanung Township, Sagaing Region.
  • Dentist explains systematic cleaning of teeth and good habits to be followed and bad habits to be avoided for dental fitness.
Sewing Training
  • Sewing training is held for one and a half month and 11 female villagers attended the training program.
  • SMUC provided 4 lakhs from the funds and the trainees contributed 30,000 MMK for implementation of the training program.
Sewing for business profits
  • Now, the trainees can be able to sew and produce shirts, blouses, and traditional dresses themselves.
  • Two trainees are now working on sewing for business profits and they also produce hand-made accessories such as buttons and knitting.
Training on maintenance of power tillers
  • Training on maintenance of power tillers and other farming machines is held at Kanaingdar and Maungmaeshayaung villages, Dawei Township, Tanintharyi Region.
  • It is an effective training for the villagers.
Training program on systematic trash removing
  • The village leader who finishes a basic training program delivers a training program on systematic trash removing and cleaning activity.
  • Systematic trash removing and cleaning activity is very important thus this subject is lectured at the basic training program. Cleaning activity is regularly performed in most of SMU villages.
SMU villagers visits to other successful SMU villages
  • Most SMU villagers conduct field visits to other successful SMU villages.
  • It is really an effective and useful program.
  • The villagers can acquire the lessons and experiences of SMU villages and imitate the good activities as well.
Project implementation activities news
  • For public relation affairs, proejct implemntation activities news are incuded in newspapaers.
  • The above two pictures are successful activity (construction of village hall using by smu fund and additonal contribution of villagers) about Yargyitaw village, Chaung Oo township, Sagaing region.
  • Next picture is showing about Bantin village, Patheingyi village, Mandalay region.
  • At Bantin village, paving of concrete road, digging cannals along the main concrete road and tube well is successfully constructed by smu fund and villagers’ contribution.
Project implementation activities news
  • SMU pamphlets are distributed at every SMU village.
  • The picture is showing SMUC members distributing pamphlets in