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You are cordially welcome to AERDTC webpage. Myanmar is a country of agriculture. Hence, among those nation’s economic sectors, agriculture, export of agricultural products and a large number of rural people with farming businesses are major sectors with a crucial role.

Therefore, living environment of rural people with farming businesses does have a direct linkage with social welfares of the whole nation. On the other hand, the prosperity and development of rural area is an essential step towards the development of our nation. One of the ultimate purposes of AERDTC is “to give birth to able and industrious village leaders who are in need for the development of rural areas.” As far as rural development is concerned, it literally means reduction of disparities between rural people and urban people, regarding with knowledge empowerment, social situations, incomes etc.

So as to implement this special purpose and to offer assistance in finding out the solutions to agricultural difficulties and problems of people living in rural areas of Myanmar, our training center is or has been conducting a variety of training programs for villager leaders, government staff, villagers and university students with the basis of Korea’s rural development activities.

This webpage is created in order to share information of AERDTC beneficially to people and to establish a co-operative community for those who are involved in the training center.

We are always looking forward to your continuous encouragement and co-operation.

Thank you!
Chung Kap Jin
Principal of AERDTC

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