Dr. Aye Min

Dr. Aye Min, Assistant Director, Department of Agriculture

Registration No. 1, Training on Capacity Building for Young Scientists Initiative (YSI) Members (Session 1/2018), (14.6.2018-15.6.2018)

At the day I arrive the centre and the time I came in the auditorium, I thought if I have arrived to Korea at once and I have found this training centre is strictly training as in Korea disciplines. I have surprised that there has been a training centre which is in accordance with the international standards and aims at agricultural and rural development.

I have been sad to think why I conduct this training now and why I attend this training centre now. Being a member of conducting this training, I have thought that it is better to conduct this training early. In our YSI group, there are many members who can’t attend the training. I will try for the other YSI members to attend the training at this training centre with the wish that I want other YSI members to attend the training. In addition, I wish this training centre to be the better centre which our new generation can inherit in the future with successful spirits and disciplines.  Therefore I have decided that we all try cooperatively to succeed continuously in conducting the training at this training centre with united spirit.